1. How does the automatic door work?

When the device is in its normal state, the door is open. As the cat enters and use the litter box, the gravity sensor detects the cat and keeps the door open. After the cat has finished eliminating and exits the box, the machine first checks if the cat is still in front of the door; if the cat is in front of the door, it will not close. The door automatically closes and begins cleaning the cat's waste only when the cat has left. 

2. Will the door catch my cat when it closes automatically?

While the door is closing, if a cat or other pet passes through the doorway, the door will stop closing and automatically open to prevent trapping the cat.

3. Will my cat be trapped inside the litter box?

The gravity sensing system recognises that there is still a cat in the litter box and thus keeps the door open. If there is a serious malfunction of the machine, you can still open the door via the emergency button on the app.

4. Does the door shut while they are in the litter box?

The door will keep open when they are in, the door is to prevent them from being hurt by the device when it is running.

5. What type of cat litter should I use?

Common types of cat litter available on the market can be used.

6. What is your warranty policy?

The warranty is valid for 2 years. We offer troubleshooting, online counseling, and repair within a year of non-human damage. And no worries as all shipping fees are paid for by us during the 2 years period if we need to send you replacement parts or if you need to send the litterbox in for repairs.

7. What cat sizes and weights can use this litter box? How many cats can use per 1 unit?

It can recognize up to 10 cats weighing between 1-12kg or 2.2-26.5 pounds at most.

8. Is it available for purchase in all countries?

We ship to the United States, United Kingdom, EU, Japan. If you are uncertain as to whether or not we ship to your country, please contact us so that we may determine the availability in your region.

9. How often do I need to pack the litter?

It has been tested that if there are two cats in the house, you need to pack the litter bag at least once in 7 days. You can empty the litter box after auto-packing. You can pack the litter anytime anywhere via app or press the button on the control panel. 

10. What’s the dimension of litter box?

With entryway dimensions of 9.05'' in diameter (23cm) and interior globe dimensions of 68L, most cats can fit comfortably inside Charmkit Box

  • Product dimension: 22.05''L x 22.05''W x 25.6''H (56 x 56 x 65cm)
  • Internal capacity: 2.4 ft³ / 68 L
  • Waste drawer volume: 2.4 gal / 9L
  • Globe capacity: 2ft3, 19.68'' in diameter (68L, 50 cm in diameter)