[New Arrival] Automatic Litter Box 'Backpack'
[New Arrival] Automatic Litter Box 'Backpack'
[New Arrival] Automatic Litter Box 'Backpack'
[New Arrival] Automatic Litter Box 'Backpack'
[New Arrival] Automatic Litter Box 'Backpack'
[New Arrival] Automatic Litter Box 'Backpack'
[New Arrival] Automatic Litter Box 'Backpack'
[New Arrival] Automatic Litter Box 'Backpack'
[New Arrival] Automatic Litter Box 'Backpack'
[New Arrival] Automatic Litter Box 'Backpack'
[New Arrival] Automatic Litter Box 'Backpack'

[New Arrival] Automatic Litter Box 'Backpack'

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Meet the Litter Box That Upgrades Your Cat's Safety and Life

  • Ideal For Larger Cats Like Maine Coons🐱 68L large space is enough for cats up to 22 lbs
  • High Capacity Waste Drawer up to 15 days of free scooping with one cat
  • Absolutely Safe Design😽 auto door, radar scanning, infrared sensing
  • Real-time Monitoring🧐 Stay informed about your cat's data anytime, anywhere
  • Hands-free Experience quickly sets up a cleanup schedule that is specific to your pet
  • Flexible Ventilation Options🍃 the odor will be blown out after cleaning and freshed by the ventilation

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* Japan: 3-4 business days

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Get help with our products

Charmkit Litter Box

The first litter box with real-time monitoring

User ManualShop Now
Power Light
product registration
Pairing to Tuya App +
Monthly cleaning +
How to use storage box +
How to replace waste bag +
What type of litter works best? +
Common types of cat litter available on the market can be used.
Which deodorization method should I choose? +
We offer 2 deodorization methods. You can choose according to your personal needs: 1、Air purifiers: This is a more aesthetically pleasing and convenient deodorization method. It can absorb odors and prevent scratch from cats. It effect lasts for 1-2 months. 2、Ventilation ducts: This option is more cost-effective and does not require replacement. However, it requires suitable installation of ducts to remove odors.
How many cats can the product support? +
The Charmkit Litter Box will easily support up to 10 cats.
Where are Air purifiers located? +
Lower right side. See image
Why is there an extra storage box on the side? +
Built-in storage! You can use it to store spare bags, additional carbon filters, or small cleaning tools.
Where can I purchase more waste drawer bags? +
We sell our custom-fitted waste drawer liners here on our website.
How often do I clean my litter box? +
Once a month, you should follow these steps
Why am I getting excess clean litter in the waste drawer? +
The drum may be overfilled. Charmkit litter box is more efficient than a traditional box and needs less litter to operate. We suggest at most 2.2 gallons (10.0 L) / 13 pounds (5.9 kg), only to the “MAX” fill line.
What if my cats refuse to use the new litter box?? +
Cats need time to adapt to something they're not familiar with. We suggest to try mixing old litter with new litters so that cat can recognize the smell.
Why isn’t the drum rotating properly? +
The drum may have shifted during shipping. To reseat the drum, detach the top cover and inspect the drum alignment. It should be seated evenly in the gear track, with rear spindle aligned in holder at back of unit. Our monthly cleaning video shows this step.
How often should I change my litter? +
Once per month.
Why is my Charmkit litter box not cleaning automatically? +
Please make sure your device is set to Automatic and not Manual. Go to the Tuya App, select "More", and confirm cleaning mode is set to "Automatic Cleaning.” You can also adjust the Automatic Time Delay for cleaning cycles.
Where can I purchase replacement filters? +
How often should filters be replaced? +
Every 1-3 Months.
How much is the appropriate amount of litter? +
we suggest that the litter level don't exceed the deep grey area so that kitties won't throw too much litter out of the box when they bury their waste. The first time using our Charmkit litter box, mix the used litter with new litter and place it in the box. This helps your cat adapt to our litter box more quickly.
Why won't my Charmkit litter box pair? +
Our walkthrough video may help. Also please make sure your home WiFi is a 2.4GHz/5GHz network.
How can I customize features such as cleaning cycle delays or rotations per cycle? +
From the device homepage, tap on “More” located below the image of the Charmkit.
Do I need to keep my app running for the automatic function to work? +
No, you can turn the device into auto mode and it will work automatically even if the app is not running.
How do I view previous weight and activity history? +
From the device homepage, tap on the "Event Log" to toggle between days.
Can more than one person pair to the device? +
You can share the device with your home members through the "Home" funtion in the App, or you can share it with other non-family members separately.
What should I do if my device fails to connect to the network? +
Ensure your device is connected to a 2.4 GHz/5 GHz WiFi network. Nearly all modern routers will run both. If you’re not sure how to adjust your router you may have to contact your internet service provider.
What does Status Light(Top Left) mean? +
Red light flashing slowly: Emergency door, Hatch's stuck
Solid red light: Faulty, such as waste drawer or cover not installed properly
Red light off: The device is functioning properly
What does WIFI Light(Middle) mean? +
White light flashing slowly: Device is waiting for network connection
White light flashing quickly: Device is connecting to the network
Solid white light: Device is connected to the network
What does Waste Drawer Light(Top Right) mean? +
Solid red light: The waste drawer is full and needs to be cleaned
Red light off : The waste drawer is not full
How do I turn on my Charmkit? +
The device strats working since its power on .
My power went out, what do I do? +
Reconnect the device to power on
What does "Clean" button mean? +
Short Press: Waste cleaning(blinking indicator light)
Long Press: Forceful opening of the cabin door
What does "Empty" button mean? +
Short Press: Leveling the litter
Long Press: Replacing the litter, the device will dump the existing litter into the waste drawer
What does "Auto" button mean? +
Double-click: Disable child lock
Long Press: Long press after touching the child lock to put the device into sleep mode. Press and hold again to return the device to normal operation
What does "Fresh" button mean? +
Short Press: Ventilation and deodorization of exhaust fan
Long Press: Resetting WiFi settings of the device, entering the waiting for network connection state